Say Hello to "Zello" The Adventure Sound Machine

Say Hello to "Zello"  The Adventure Sound Machine Vista Shops
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 Say Hello to "Zello"
The Adventure Sound Machine. Let’s Rock n Roll in to the 70's look with the current trend of Bluetooth connectivity!

Start your adventure when the sound machine that plays the music tunes to make you dance anywhere and in any weather, the water proof dust proof sound machine can also allow you to answer your call on any serious business you may think of.

You can have the Daisies in pastels, the Kinky hearts, the Dolphins in the swim or the Elegant Marble, also select from the Wild Tiger or the Running stripes of the Zebra.
This Collector's Edition in various awe inspiring and amazing looks will have you look for even more.
You may be on a treasure hunt then the Camouflage look will work best for you!

Get "Zello” the funky speakers that actually work!

• Make your own adventure fun with the "Zello" Speakers as they come in funky designs.
• Waterproof, can be used in showers and bathtubs and also in Sahara desert!
• Bluetooth connectivity up to 25 feet.
• Rechargeable battery plays speakers up to 6 hours.
• Crystal clear sound.
• Can answer phone with a built in mic and speaker.
• Suction cup on the back can attach to itself and to most surfaces that are flat.
• Charging cable include.




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