Power Roll & Screen Cubic shape external Charger for iphone and any smart gadget

$ 35.95 $ 79.95

SmarTech offers - The Power Roll & Screen Cubic power bank with 3000 mAh, which gives you a 120% recharge on your Smart phone, any model that is iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC

Slick design that easily slips in your purse or your key chain. The built in screen will show you how much power left and will guide you on how much is charged when replenish the power.

Has built in LED light and power on/off switch to control the power flow. You can recharge it and be ready to power your gadget from Smart phones, tablets to MP3 or a camera. All can be rejuvenated with this handy power screen and cubic power bank.

Comes in multiple colors and charging cable.

Available in Multiple Colors.

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