Portable Table Top Humidifier Works with ordinary water bottles

Portable Table Top Humidifier Works with ordinary water bottles Vista Shops
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Portable Table Top Humidifier in a small compact box that can go with you anywhere. It does not need a built-in water tank, it uses your ordinary water bottles instead, to make the fine mist.

Humidifiers are known to have many health benefits a regular use can improve breathing and relaxation and good night sleep. It will help you put the right amount of moisture in your room and remove the dryness that happens due to central heat or fireplace in wintertime. The portable Table Top humidifier can direct the mist to multiple angles and can quickly be turned off and carried anywhere no watery mess to empty. It has a built-in filter system that produces the micro-mist and throws it out making it an ideal solution for any room. Return your room back to smelling fresh and live with this TableTop Humidifier.

The Humidifier plugs into the wall with a provided power cord. It also comes with an extra set of filters that can be used over and over again by simply washing them thoroughly under tap water when needed.


  • A water bottle with a mouth opening up to 1.25 inches can be used to serve as a water supply.
  • Up to 16 oz. of bottle can be used.
  • Box size: 6in wide x 4in tall x 2.5 inch thick.
  • 6 months warranty included.
  • Comes in: Pink, Lime Green, and Yellow & White. 
  • ********Water Bottle not included********.





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