Lipstick Case Style Phone Charger and Flashlight on a Keychain

$ 45.95

Lipstick can prep your lips and get you ready while our Lipstick charger can keep your smartphone on the go any time anywhere.

This portable USB outlet is packed with power and LED flash light for emergency. Once you have charged up the charger it will hold its power for 20 days and whenever you are down to the last drop of energy in your phone just plug it into this portable charger and your phone will come back to like it just and triple energy shots.

The built in flashlight give you emergency light to look in your car or find that late night dark keyhole on your front door.   

The on/off switch allows you to control how much power you want to use and save some for the later. 

All in all it is a handy charger that can be carried in your purse.

Comes in multiple colors and a cable to charge you charger.

SKU # 740016269700

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