Click O' Mighty - A Selfie remote for your Apple and Samsung devices

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Have a Click O' Mighty moment now you can always be in the same frame with your dear ones.
With this newest selfie remote you will never have to exclude yourself from that family portrait or picture with friends or take a picture with your hand holding up for a selfie.

The Click O' Mighty remote is easy to use as it is as small as a keychain and it takes one simple click of a button to shoot pictures.
The remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can work with apple or android systems.

You can take pictures as far as 30 ft. or as close to your heart as you desire.
It has built in battery, no need recharge as battery last for up to 7000 pictures and can be replaced easily.

It does not require any APP on your phone to work, simply connect via Bluetooth and you are ready to go.
It is compatible with most of the APPs that takes pictures.

You can select from 6 different colors on the remote: RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW
Compatibility is guaranteed for any Apple and Android based devices.

Click O' Mighty! This one definitely puts a smile on your face.

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