Armband Bandit Saver and Holster for Smartphones

Armband Bandit Saver and Holster for Smartphones Vista Shops
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Armband Bandit Saver and Holster to hold your Smartphone.  This armband can carry your essential card, cash id's and have a place for your phone too all neatly packed out of the way in the armband.

The front holster can hold iPhone 4/5/6 or Samsung Galaxy or other similar size or smaller phones, while the zippered hidden pocket will hold all your card, ID and cash.  With double Velcro locks you can be assured that your gear will be in place while you do your activity.

Made from strong polyester and neoprene it can withstand any flex of muscles if you may but overall it is a safe place from wandering eyes and bandits alike when you are armed with this one hand armed Bandit Holster and Wallet. 

Comes in Black, Blue, Pink & Red 




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