Bluetooth Music Receiver - Play music from your phone in your car or any music system

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SmarTech - Bluetooth Music Receiver - Play your music from your phone to any stereo system at home or in the car. This is not a cheap FM transmitter that distorts the music experience or a 3 ft. range Bluetooth receiver. This is a high quality long range Bluetooth music receiver that works without distortion up to 30 feet.

Stream audio now from internet and play it thru the speakers in your home or your car. If you have huge music collection in your iTunes library or audio library and it is on your iPod or iPhone or any phone or music player, then this device will help you to play the same music without transferring it to the player.

The Bluetooth receiver comes in Black and White and a 3.5mm jack with pin adapter plug, if needed.
• Bluetooth music receiver.
• Comes in Black
• 3.5mm jack with pin adapter plug, if needed.

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