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Tower USB With 6 High Speed Charging Ports

Tower USB With 6 High Speed Charging Ports Vista Shops
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6 High Speed Charging Ports in one.

A variety to charge all types of phones and gadgets at 65W total power available to charge your devices faster than ever. It has a built-in intelligent controller to charge only what is needed for each device. 

The Power Charging Tower has: 

  • 1 - TYPE C USB Port used in the newest devices for fast charging.
  • 1 - TYPE C PD Fast 18W port will charge your bigger device like iPad and Tablets very fast.
  • 1 - Quick Charge USB 2.0 port for all gadgets with quick charging most phones will charge fully in 1.5 hrs.
  • 3 USB ports for all other devices. 
  • The Charging tower is no bigger than a penholder.
  • Sits on a desk, and plugs into a 120V AC power outlet.






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