3D Smartphone Viewer with Bluetooth Game controller

$ 35.96 $ 89.95

3D Smartphone Viewer and Bluetooth Game Controller.  This 3D viewer is perfect for hands-free viewing movies in 3d or any video on your smartphone will work on all phones 3.7" to 5.7" that means from iPhone6 to iPhone 6 PLUS or  Samsung Note.   All you have to do is open the 3D goggles and insert your phone and start viewing no batteries or charging required.    

It is perfect for Gamers and for watching photos or movies in 3D without doing anything more to your phone.    You can also get the Bluetooth controller sold separately or in a pack that will allow you to use it as a joystick for your games and can also double as the remote shutter for taking pictures.   Perfect gift for those using Smartphone to watch the movie or play games.  Now you can make them come alive. 


  • 3D Goggles with Head strap support for hands-free viewing.
  • Bluetooth remote that works with Apple, Samsung or any smartphone with Bluetooth connection.  It is fully compatible with all the games on the market.

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