18 In 1 Lovely Lady DIY Manicure Pedicure Tool Set

18 In 1 Lovely Lady DIY Manicure Pedicure Tool Set Vista Shops
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This 18-in-1 set of DIY Manicure Pedicure Tool Set is perfect for your beauty routine. 

This highest-quality set will never rust as these are made of hardened Stainless Steel and can last you for the longest time. The stylish and trendy Rose Gold accents of the tools make your vanity look pretty. The Pink compact storage case is pleasing to the eyes, makes it easy to carry anywhere, and is perfect to use every time.

With the Mani-Pedi 18-in-1 set like this, it is easier than ever before to look and feel well-groomed like a Lovely Lady at all times.


  • This 18-in-1 manicure pedicure set is made of top high Stainless Steel.
  • Pretty, sturdy, and built to last.
  • This set is ideal for a variety of nail types and can be used for men, women, girls, boys, seniors, and babies.
  • It's also a great kit with an integrated nail file for the repair of nails, eyebrows, acne, dead skin, and other personal beauty care needs.
  • The manicure set comes with a portable synthetic leather case that is easily opened with a push of a button.
  • It is also very lightweight so you can carry it with you in your handbag any day or pack it with you when you travel.
Package included:
    • 1x Nail Clipper,
    • 1x Small Nail Clipper,
    • 1x Diagonal Nail Clipper,
    • 1x Oblique Nail Clipper,
    • 1x Ingrown toenail Clipper,
    • 1x Scraping cutter, 
    • 1x Scraping cutter wide, 
    • 1x V-shape cuticle trimmer,
    • 1x Vibrissors Scissors,
    • 1x Multi-purpose Scissors,  
    • 1x Beam knife,
    • 1 x Pedicure knife,
    • 1x Eyebrow Clip,  
    • 1x Eyebrow Tweezer,
    • 1x Anti-Acne Pin,  
    • 1x Ear Pick,
    • 1x Double-Sided Push Stick,
    • 1x Nail File,
    • 1x Case.




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