Sound Rock Bluetooth Waterproof Music Player

$ 59.95

Sound Rock! Rock your music player and answer phones indoor and outdoor. This waterproof Blue tooth speaker is a gem!

The best features of the Sound Rock are the Crystal Clear Sound at any volume and its suction bottom, so you can stick it on a flat surface and jam to the tunes.

You can keep the Sound Rock in the car and use it to answer your phones. Every charge last for 6 hours.   It will quickly sync to your phone or tablet, Apple or Android does not matter as it will work on both. Its waterproof feature makes the speaker more versatile at this value. Take it with you in the shower or around the pool or outdoors on your boat or on the beach. 

With crystal clear sound it will rival many expensive speakers in this category.

Music Rock has a water proof full silicone outer layer and hard top grill, which makes it easy to handle.

Bluetooth 2.0 and higher supported.

Comes with charging cable.

Each charge last for 6 hours of play and 150 hours of standby.

Power Off button to disconnect from phone if needed.

Get one now or get 2 and save on shipping.

Comes in multiple colors.

SKU # 700000016789

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