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Runway Solar 3 LED Inground Lights Vista Shops
$ 23.99

Runway Solar 3 LED In-ground Lights..

Shine your way with these Runway Lights ! The 3 LED lights are designed to be inground , which means they do not come in your way and never get knocked down by the lawnmower either,  as they are neatly tuck in the ground and shine when it's dark..  It has built in Solar panel to turn off in day time and go back to collecting power from good old sunshine all day long.. The Lights have Steel Housing on surface, they are completely Waterproof and shock proof , so no need to worry about your sprinklers sprinkling water on them..  The LED lights are rated at 40,000 hours and have a built-in switch to turn it On or Off or keep it on AUTO to turn Off in day and turn On at night.  It will last for 7 hours when fully charged!

Create your own Runway with double rows of lights and arrive and exit like a model in style as if you are walking on a ramp at your own fashion show..


  • Lights have multiple use .
  • They can go in and around the plants and pots and create a spectacular garden scape.
  • They can be at the both edges of your walkway so it is lighted at night for your safety.
OLD WORLDLY CHARM Crossbody Bags In Matt &Dusty Finish Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 41.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 41.95

Matt and Dusty finish as well as the Old Worldly Charm of these Cross body bags will attract you immensely!

The bags have this enduring craftsmanship and lasting quality about them.. Each bag has a story to tell with their distinct look that comes with living through taste of times.. The skilled craftsman has created this beautiful dusty patina finish on them that is truly priceless.. Made accessible just for you , these bags are all about your passion for fashion.. they have a long cross body adjustable strap with a press button closure to secure your essentials.. 

Old Worldly Charm knows new age necessities.. Hot to look at and cool to carry Cross body bags are so amazing that we want to get as many more as possible.. They provide a perfect contrast to your sparkly cocktail dress and jewelry and go with the flow of your summer shirts too..!


  • Vegan Leather with durable stitching.
  • Matt and Dusty finish provides a great contrast against your sparkly jewels.
  • Bag Size: 6.5 " Tall, 4.5" Wide and 5 " Deep. 
  • Brushed Brass press button closure in front and one slip on pocket on the back of the bag.
  • Black Crossbody strap measures 22 inches Long which can be knotted to make it more interesting hands-free action.
  • Press button closure to keep essentials like your Smartphone and wallet secure.
  • It comes in beautiful matt and dusty colors like Stone, Matt Black, Dusty Purple and Navy Matt.
Moonshine Solar Light Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 41.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 41.95

Moonshine Solar Light it gives you a feeling that it is half moon today and yet your backyard is lit up bright and shiny.   This 3 LED solar lights charges in the day under sunlight can be seen only at night even though it may be present.   Just like the Moon it is always in the sky but visible to us only at night.  

Make your backyard totally out of this world with multiple Moonshine Solar Lights and keep it lighted without burning energy and going green with Solar.

  • Solar Lights come in white color 
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • ON/OFF switch to turn them off 
  • When ON it is on AUTO means turn off during day and ON during Night.
  • Made from durable PC/ABS polymers heat resistance plastics.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof 
Aqua Tunes Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Headphones Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 108.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 108.95

Aqua Tunes Bluetooth Waterproof Multi Digital music player..

It has a smart and clean design, no need for extra cable or headphone lines, very easy to install or take out..  Made from very strong and flexible Polymer material which can be bent and suitably adjusted to the size of your head! Specially designed for swimming, diving and other sports, it has IPX68 Waterproof design for up to 3 meters under water.. The earbuds are designed in such a way that it works as an earplug, keeping water out and music in the ear white swimming !

Enjoy summer, enjoy Aqua Tunes..


  • Bluetooth enabled up to 30 ft distance
  • Volume Control , Music Control , Stop and Play buttons.
  • Built in Mic for hands-free call answer if connected to your phone.
  • Waterproof  up to 10ft under  the water.
  • Rechargeable Waterproof battery.
  • Recharge via USB port.
  • CSR Full Stereo.
  • Multiple colors to choose from like RED, SKY BLUE, BLUE, WHITE AND BLACK..
SUPER SCOOPER Your 3 In 1 Fruit Scooper & Melon Baller Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95

Summer is the season of sweet Papayas, irresistible Cantaloupes, juicy Watermelons and fragrant Honeydews..

Great parties always start with great food.. Make your guests feel welcomed instantly with chilled out fruit punches as well as colorful hors d'oeuvres.. To get started, get the Super Scooper, lots of melons and start scooping a day ahead .. then freeze all the melon balls and next day just add them to sparkling water and garnish with lots of lemon wedges and mint sprigs .. also assemble fresh fruity skewers along with basil leaves and mozzarella balls and serve along with appetizers ..

Let the party time begin with this summer special, super de duper Super Scooper.. Your 3 In 1 Fruit Scooper & Melon Baller..!!!



  • The 3 in 1 set is made of Stainless Stell and BPA FREE non-toxic plastic.
  • 2 Flexible fruit scoopers, the big one for large fruits and veggies and the small one for smaller fruits and veggies.
  • Set includes a transparent baller as well, to make melon balls from any and all melons.
  • Top rack Dishwasher safe.
  • All three nest together for a space saving easy and convenient storage ,can be stored in the kitchen drawer.
  • Great for gift giving to the family as well. It comes in lovely and citrusy colors like Yellow, Purple and Red.
CHERISH Mesh Bangle Trio Of Gold Rose Gold Silver In 3 Sizes Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 46.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 46.99

Invaluable, treasured and adored.. so much like the heirloom bangles you have seen your grandmom and mom wear on special occasions ..

Those same heirloom bangles that you are longing to wear but as are too precious to wear casually and always locker bound for safety, why not have the similar traditional, Vintage feel in today's modernistic new age that you can truly CHERISH, without the fuss and the stress ..?! You can have it now and you are going to love love love this Trio at the very first sight itself ..So many combinations can be made from these 3 tones of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver bangle bracelets that can match your every mood, dress and fancy.. 

Or just wear all three together for the sake of nostalgia and Cherish each moment .. 


    • All 3 Bangle Bracelets are made of fine mesh design that has Vintage feel to them.
    • They come in 18 kt Gold, Rose Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. 
    • They come in Small Width, Medium Width and Large Width.
    • All three Tones and Width come in size 8 inches of Diameter. 
    • They are simply exquisite, so much so that grandmom and mom will also love to wear them.
    • They come neatly packed in gift box and great for gift giving and safe keeping.Get more in any combination of tone and width (each sold separately).


Sheeny Shiny 40 Mini Fiery LED Lights In 2 Packs Of 20 Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 50.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 50.99

Mini Fiery Lights that shine like fireflies.

Put the shine in little jars or bottles and light up the whole area. Use it as a centerpiece for your table and you can illuminate the whole room with just 20 lights but listen to are getting 40 lights..! The lights are of a warm yellow tone, representing a lighted candle effect.. Wrap them around the plants and turn them on for 2 to 3 hours a day, they should last you up to 3 weeks.

Get the festive glow with Sheeny Shiny, order yours today.


  • You get 2 strings, each string has 20 lights and each string is approx 8ft long.
  • The lights have an On and Off button as well. Completely safe and Waterproof.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • You will need two AAA batteries (not included).
  • Completely safe and Waterproof.
  • Great for gift giving for weddings and Christmas.

*Jars are for demonstration purposes only, not included.*

Musical Beanie Bluetooth Hat Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 91.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 91.99

Musical Beanie Bluetooth Hat..the Bluetooth enabled Beanie hat that plays heartwarming music from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices and keeps your ears warm too .. 

The Musical Beanie can even answer phone and lets you make calls using the built in mic. Get a crystal clear sound waves as well as protection from windy weather this winter with this Bluetooth enabled beanie..


  • Made of Polyester blend that is warm and comfortable to wear.
  • Snug tight over your head.
  • Volume controls to control your music from the hat.
  • It is Siri compatible for Apple devices and can work with any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Size: 1 size fits all.
  • Colors : Black , Grey , Red , Yellow , Olive , Purple, Pink and Burgundy. 

*** Colors availability subject to stock as they go fast***

Journey Begins Canvas Tote Bag Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 135.95 Sold Out
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 135.95 Sold Out

When a frequent flyer in you just wants to book the tickets and get ready to embark on a beautiful journey to experience life.. do it with the Journey Begins Canvas Tote Bag ..


Bring along lot of love for life with you and bring the ease and comfort that can only come with having good things with you , like this Journey Begins Canvas Tote Bag.. Remember, we often find what we bring along in the journey..Why settle for ordinary bag when you can have a special Journey Begins Canvas Tote Bag made with comfort in mind.. It's matt sophistication will allow you to use it with ease and keep all your accessories like your camera, chargers, few pair of cloths or your shoes and scarves , all neat and tidy..


It is flying fast.. Get yours today and the Journey Begins..!!



  • Solid Canvas construction.
  • Actual Bag size is 24 inches wide and 12 inches tall. With straps on shoulder, it adds 4.5 inches to the height.
  • 3 Roomy compartments inside.
  • Inside Zipper compartment in the middle for valuables. 
  • Outside Zipper pocket for things you want handy.
  • Wall Pockets for cell phone and glasses.
  • Zipper closure across top of the bag.
  • Matt finish for sophisticated look.
  • Select from various travel friendly colors.
3-in-1 Universal Clip on Smartphone Camera Lens - 6 Colors
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 19.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 19.95

Now have fun taking pictures on your Smartphone...

Take pictures with the help of 3 camera lenses that quickly attach to your Smartphone with an adjustable clip(included). The lenses are all Metal with real Glass, no Plastic.

The lenses are:

1. Wide Angle Lens,

2. Macro closeup lens, and

3. Fish Eye pop-out lens.

Each lens will screw on the Clip as needed, which attaches to your Smartphone quickly.  It will also work with phones/ tablets that have a camera in the middle on the top. You do not need to remove your case to use this lens.

Comes with a lens cap and storage pouch.    

Fully compatible with Apple iPhone. iTouch, iPad 2/3/4/Air, iPad mini. Samsung Galaxy 5, Note,   Samsung Tab. Any other smart gadgets with a camera.  

Our Lens is all Metal with real Glass giving you a crystal clear sharp picture.

They come in a variety of colors like PURPLE, BLUE, GOLDEN, BLACK, SILVER, AND RED.

Love Me Love Knot 925 SS Plated & 18 Kt Antique Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet Vista Shops
$ 28.95

No such dilemma whether he loves you or not..

When the LOVE ME LOVE KNOT Bracelet is gifted to you by him, it is a sign that he loves a lot.. ! The silver and golden mesh take the shape of a love knot. beautifully showing the bond and constancy between the loved ones ..

The Love Me.. Love Knot bracelet is part of the Sweet Silver collection by Evabella ,  symbolizing the budding romance that is about to bloom..


  • Made in Silver as well as a subtle antique Gold tones.
  • Lovely and lightweight, elegant and simple.
  • It comes in a gift box for gift giving and safe keeping.
  • Great for gifting your love interest.
Katalina Classic Handbag Convertible To Backpack Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 138.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 138.99

What is on your wishlist this Xmas?! The answer to this one is so simple. Katalina Classic handbag that converts to the backpack of course..!!

It is so rich and sleek looking that you will rank it first on your wishlist for yourself this Xmas. You will instantly love its retro and preppy style and appearance. Two verticle side zipper pockets and one horizontal back zipper pocket, as well as the Gold Tone hardware, make it look so very unique from all other look-alike bags. The interior is spacious to host your iPad and one zipper pocket lets you stash your cash and you can be on the go in no time. 

The top handle and adjustable shoulder strap give you a chance to adjust it to your liking so you can swing it and fling it, wear it as a backpack, front pack, or any way your free spirit desires. Katalina allows you to be yourself!


  • This 2 in 1 handbag come backpack is made of Vegan Leather.
  • It Measures -9" Wide, 12" Tall, and 6.5" Deep.
  • It Weighs 1.5 lbs.
  • Snap magnetic closure keeps things secure.
  • Drawstrings with Gold Tone tassels.
  • An adjustable strap makes it convenient and stylish. 
  • It comes in COLOR ME PINK, PAINT THE TOWN RED, I LIKE BLUE AND KLASSIK BLACK colors With Gold Tone hardware on all.





    Sold Out