Space Giver Vacuum Bags Set of 11 With Electric Vacuum Pump

$ 89.95

Give your loving family more space to get creative and eventually more time to play together...

These set of 11 Vaccum Bags come in assorted sizes and they are very easy to work with! Select one of the bags as per what you want to store in it, then fold your seasonal things, zip the bag to pack and seal it to make it compact by taking the air out of the bags through the valve cap of the bag with the help of an electric vacuum pump which is also included with the set. Using this pump, you can compress the extra air out of the bag very easily and store it nice and neat. Next time you need these items, they are dust free and fresh out of the bag, ready for you to use! 

No more clutter around to deal with as you can pack beach towels and toys, heavy coats and sweaters, linens and comforters and put them away till you need them again...Get Space Giver bags to actually pack in more fun things in your day and your life!


  • You get  Set of 11 of these bags made of sturdy plastic.
  • Store seasonal stuff to make more room for fun things.
  • Great for traveling as well, as you can reduce the volume of the clothing items.

You will get:

  • 1 - Jumbo Bag  41x 36 inch.
  • 3 - Garment Bags 47 x 28 inch.
  • 2 - Large Size Bags.
  • 2 - Medium Size Bags.
  • 3 - Small Bags.
  • 1 - Electric Powered Vacuum Pump.

*** Store bags in cool and flat surfaces as closet or cupboards and not near hot and sharp objects.*** 

*** All Bag size is approx. and they may vary.***



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