PEEK A BOO Elephant And Bear Soft Toys

$ 89.95

Play Peek a boo-I see you with your baby...

Your newborn is learning every day...Initially, the baby giggles when you cuddle, and then slowly the baby gets playful and more interactive and that is when it's time to get soft toys for the baby that gently sing and play along with the baby! These Elephants and Bear soft toys play peek a boo game with your baby that genuinely surprises the baby and it kind of have a ticklish effect on them as you see them giggle again and again when the Elephant hides its face with its oversized ears and the Bear hides its face with a cute blanket and appears again in front of the baby! Once the baby knows this fun game, have family members play the same game so the baby connects with everyone!

Develop language and social skills in your baby from a very early age with Peek A BOO Soft Toys!


  • The Elephant and the Bear are made of plush soft fabric.
  • Interactive toys develop language and social skills in babies.
  • The Elephant measures 12 in size approx.
  • The Bear measures11 in size approx.
  • Get both, each sold separately.
  • For ages 3 months and up to 2 years.


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