JuiceX Nourish On The Go Juicer Cups Rechargeable And Portable With 2/Cups

JuiceX Nourish On The Go Juicer Cup Rechargeable And Portable Vista Shops
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This juicer cup is not only easy to operate and carry but also absolutely essential for your good health and wellness.

Designed with the most advanced cold spin and centrifugal technology, it makes fruits and veggies quickly break into soft juicy pulp without losing their essential dietary fiber that is essential to improve your overall health and wellness. Top up the juicer cup with the sipping lid, hold it by the attached strap, and take your shakes and smoothies anywhere around the house or garden, to the office for lunch, or to the gym after a workout to enjoy. Recharge the Juicer cup and get more use out of it.

It is so easy to use; with its one-button operation, all you need to ensure that the cup is closed tight and double-click the switch to turn on the power. The safety feature includes a red button that will keep flashing and won't turn the juicer on if the bottom of the juicer and the cup body is not shut correctly. 

Ideal for students, gymgoers, and busy moms to make healthy and delicious shakes and smoothies. Nourish your body and soul every single day With JuiceX On The Go Juicer Cup.


  • No need to plug in to outlet every time just charge it and ready to use on the go.
  • It is made of food-grade PP and PC material.
  • Designed with the most advanced technology that extracts healthy nutrition from fruits and veggies to improve your health and wellness.
  • 6 Powerful Stainless Steel 3D Blades that are created with electrolysis technology.
  • It is approximately weighs less than 16 oz.
  • It holds up to 400ml of juice or smoothie.
  • It is efficiently rechargeable and easily portable to carry anywhere with you. 
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • You get 1 juicex blender with 2 jars and 2 sipping lids with a strap so you can hold it close and not misplace it.
  • It comes in various colors to select from, get more as a gift for family or a friend.




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