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A multi-device wireless charger can fully charge your iPhone or any qi compatible wireless charging phone and your Apple Watch.   Its built-in wireless charger with a  dock for charging the Apple watch is a genius thought like all Apple devices.  This Multi-Device is for you if you are in the Apple echo system. When you use your iPhone and Apple watch throughout the day, you will need extra power to keep those devices running all day.

The mag wireless charger is a complete charging solution for your iPhone as it magnetically sticks to the iPhone 12 and after and fully charges your iPhone 100% on the go without missing a beat.  The thin metallic design is 60% thicker than your phone, so it is hardly even noticeable when charging.


    • Fast charge your phone and Apple watch.


    • The magnetic back easily sticks to iPhone 12,13,14.


    • Charge your Apple Watch with a built-in watch charger.
    • Charges all Qi-compatible devices.
    • It can also charge Apple AirPods with wireless charging capability.


    • You can also charge devices like iPad and other electronic gadgets thru it Type-C port.


    • Recharge your Multi-Device Mag charger with included charging cable thru any USB port.


    • A fast 10amp charger can charge your device quickly, so you do not lose any productivity.





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