Magic Mat With Erasable Water Colors

$ 59.95

Tap into the artist in your child with this mat and watercolors...

Take this funtastic game from your backyard to any vacation spot you are traveling to this summer! Just lay this mat on your patio table or the tray table on board and engage your kids for loads of fun without getting them bored... The mat has alphabets they can read, numbers they can count on, they can draw pictures of animals, sun, clouds, flowers, and they also get cutouts of different objects to outline and draw with that will amuse and entertain them... The mat comes with invisible colors on it like Red, Orange, Blue, and Green and as the kids scribble on it with the markers, the colors magically appear on the mat! Just fill the spill proof markers with water and watch the kids draw amazing things! When the watermarks dry, the pictures automatically disappear from the mat and the kids can draw again and again!

Let your kid fly in the world full of imagination with Magic Mat! 


  • The picturesque mat measures 34 X 22 inches.
  • No harmful ink, no stains! It comes with 2 spill-proof markers to fill with water and 9 cute shape cutouts.
  • Great for indoors, outdoors and travel.
  • For ages 3 and up.



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