Lil Wonder Petz Bluetooth Speaker

$ 69.95

Lil Wonder Petz a Bluetooth Speaker collection that is miniature in size but big ond loud on sound.  This animal shapes makes them more fun and loving rather than a piece of electronics.  It makes it more lively and fun to play music with.   It is almost like having a buddy or a tune partner that has all the same music interest as much as you do.


The crisp and loud sound from little speaker barely 1.5 inches tall and 1.2 inch wide has the sound that will fill up a room.  It rivals the larger speakers and takes music listening to a whole new level.  It has a feature where you can buy any two-speaker from this group and pair them to play simultaneously making the sound even louder and can be set apart by 100 ft to give the surround sound effect.  

If you ever get in a mood to snap pictures this Lil Wonder can help you by acting as a remote shutter switch for the camera on your phone. 

  • Select from 6 different Lil Wonder Petz Bluetooth enabled speaker.
  • Comes with wristlet.
  • Also included is the charging cable. A single charge will work for 4 to 5 hours of continues play.
  • Buy any 2 and pair them to play simultaneously 

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