Smart Fit S-PRO Activity And Wellness Tracker

Smart Fit S-PRO Activity And Wellness Tracker Vista Shops
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Stay motivated all day and never miss an important thing! Express your style with an intelligent, functional, and fashionable accessory.

This Smart Fit S-PRO Activity And Wellness Tracker Watch enables you to do all you need to do in a day's work, like receive the alerts and the incoming calls you need to receive, then check all the social networking sites for a business or just for fun. Designed with superb craftsmanship, you can wear this tracker watch that can boost your confidence. Wear a band that suits your wardrobe and mood. It is soft, lightweight, and easily attached without a tool. It suits many occasions, from sports to formal and casual evenings with friends. You can walk on the treadmill and do Yoga indoors or be adventurous and go outdoors hiking, or mountain biking, and this SmartWatch will support it and record all your activities; like the steps you took, the miles you walked, and the distance you went across. It will not only count the calories you burned throughout your productive day but will also monitor the quality of your sleep during the night.

Make this Smart Fit S-PRO Activity And Wellness Tracker Watch your habit for a healthier Lifestyle.  


  • Made from high-quality soft-to-the-touch Silica gel that will not fade.
  • It has a Large Screen 43mm and a Full-Screen Touch Sensor.
  • It also works as a music controller.
  • It has 20+ Sports and wellness activity tracker. 
  • It works as a Heart Rate Active Monitor.
  • It takes an Incoming Call and Text messaging Alert.
  • It has a Voice connect feature to speak directly from your watch or initiate a call.
  • Its features include alarm clocks, stopwatches, timers, and more.
  • It also works as a music controller.
  • It has 20+ Sports Activity Tracker. 
  • It works as a Heart Rate Active Monitor.
  • It gives an Incoming Call and Text messaging Alert.
  • Answer calls via watch when connected to your phone by Bluetooth.
  • It's lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • It is designed with fashionable craftsmanship and durability.
  • You can develop a healthier lifestyle by monitoring your heart health indoors and outdoors. 
  • You can select and customize your screen background and screen style.
  • You can also monitor your sleep pattern, set up your wake-up time, and find out the quality of sleep, deep or light.
  • You can view messages on the watch.
  • You can track all your workout routes, distances, and physical status during exercise. 
  • You can adjust the brightness.
  • It also has a sedentary reminder, and the Find The Phone feature.
  • The built-in Waterproof rating enables you to enjoy swimming in the pool.
  • It has a long-lasting power capacity and low power consumption 72 hr of normal use and 12 days of standby.
  • It comes in many colorways. 
  • Select more colors that suit your surroundings. Each is sold separately. 




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