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Hearty Wines Pair Of Wine Stoppers For Wine Lovers - VistaShops - 1
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Handpicked by us for the Wine Lover like you, adorn your Wine bottles with these Hearty Wines Wine Stoppers.

Be sure to keep your favorite Vintage Wines fresh in style for the longest time and enjoy it yet again at another time! Functional and Glamorous, these Wine Stoppers are great as a Hostess Gifts too. Being a gracious hostess that you always are, we know you will never let go of your guests empty handed after your fabulous party. Present them a perfect parting gift of Hearty Wines Wine Stoppers and you will sure receive bunch of "Thank You" notes from friends saying they  'put your useful and beautiful present to use right away during the Holiday Season '.

Say "CHEERS!" to Hearty Wines!

***You get 2 Wine Stoppers in one order.Great gifts and Stocking Stuffers***



  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • It comes in size: 4 Inches.
  • Get them in pairs of: Hand Made Glass Grapes in Red and Green, Crystal Hearts and Naughty Hearts, 
****Select any of the Wine Stoppers and you will receive 2 of them with each order.*****
Hot Pot Picker With Cool Touch Handle
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 22.95

No more ouchies.. Hot Pot Picker With Cool Touch Handle is here to the rescue!

Only a homemaker knows how many times we go through situations where we have to handle hot pots and pans or baking trays while we are rushing in the morning making hubby's breakfast, kid's lunches, baking cookies for them or even while making dinner ; we constantly struggle to be safe but ouchies do happen ! Sometimes the pots handles are not heat resistant and sometimes it's too much to wear those huge, unsightly gloves that just slow us down.. 

Get the Hot Pot Picker in your choice of color and get cooking good looking ! Feel safe with it's Cool Touch Handle !


  • Made from Stainless Steel grip and BPA Free Plastic handle.
  • It measures 6 inches Long.
  • It fits in the palm of your hand and gives good grip.
  • A Stainless Steel spring allows you to open it as wide as per your need.
  • It comes with a lock pin, you can lock the holder when not in use.
  • Easy to clean, fits in the kitchen drawer and saves space.
  • It comes with a cool touch handle in Black and Green.
I Heart Wine Crystal Heart Wine Stopper
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 32.95

Relax with a glass of good , heart healthy Red wine and reap the benefits it has on your heart..

Celebrate the health of your heart with a glass of your favorite Vintage Wine and save the remaining wine by just topping the bottle with these functional and glamorous Wine Stoppers.. rest assured to keep it's sweet aromas and layers of flavours intact in style for the longest time and enjoy it yet again at another time with this I Heart Wine wine stopper..!

This Wine Stopper is great as a Hostess Gifts too ..Being a gracious hostess that you always are, we know you will never let go of your guests empty handed after your fabulous party .. Present it as a perfect parting gift and you will sure receive bunch of "Thank You" notes from friends saying they  'put your useful and beautiful present to use right away during the Holiday Season '..

What a good reminder to keep the heart healthy and enjoy wine only in moderation..


  • Made of Stainless Steel with a Crystal Heart on top.
  • It comes in size: 4 Inches.
  • The rubber gasket on the stopper ensures an airtight fit for any bottle.
  • Great as gifts and Stocking Stuffers comes ready in a gift box.

****Wine Not Included.*****

Lazy Maid Quick Mop Slip-On Slippers 3 prs / 6 pcs
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 59.95

Add some fun to your mundane chore with these Quick Mop Slippers.

Just wear these soft and colorful elastic shoe covers and start mopping and cleaning while you simply walk and dance on your floors. Avoid the dirty mop, dripping wet paper towels or heavy buckets, and do the handsfree swift cleaning the fun way without stooping, bending or kneeling to the floor.

You can also put these mop slippers on your existing mop stand and mop away. Its non-abrasive surface will make your floors sparkly clean without ever scratching them. No need to call the maid and throw away the money, just slip into these slippers and get clean floors in no time! Toss them in the washing machine and they are like new again!

Lazy Maid... Put on some music and do your house cleaning, the modern way... 


  • Made of soft Polyester material with built-in elastic for a snug fit.
  • Highly absorbent material makes it easy to absorb and wipe clean any spillage like water, coffee or juices quickly.
  • Works on all surfaces like tile, wood, and vinyl.
  • Machine wash and tumble dry.
  • One size fits most feet, overall unstretched size approximately measures 21cm inches long and 11cm inches wide.
  • Each order comes with 3 pairs of MOP slippers.
  • It comes in various colors. 



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     Let the party begin! This summer have fun with your food, make delicious salads and lemon-zest-infused cocktails with just a little twist.

    Squeeze and spritz a little lemon evenly on your delicious Couscous, cucumber and red onion salad with your oh so chilled Limoncellos.

    Oh! Enjoy every bite and every sip. Your party is a hit!
    • Set includes two sizes: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines.
    • Easy to use: cut the fruit just a little at the top and base and let it sit. The screw-like design now can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit. When sprayed, the juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer and the lemon juice gets sprayed on the food evenly.
    • Comfortable: Silicone ring prevents juice from coming out and the dish allows the fruit to stand when not in use.
    • Dishwasher safe: Made of ABS plastic and Silicone, 100% premium quality, stands up to 158F and 425F temperature respectively.
    • Detachable: Comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning.

    Limona Lemon Press Jumbo Size For The Love Of Lemons
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    When life gives you lemons, Make mouthwatering Limoncello..!!! 

    When you absolutely love this most important staple , why not make the most of it this Summer ? Get Limona and buy lots of lemons.. just cut lemons in half, place it in the citrus press and press.. mouthwatering Lemons juice is yours to savor! Get more juice with less efforts as Limona has extra long handles to work with,  it's Jumbo size accommodates Lemon and Limes of all sizes and the small strainer holes easily filter juice from the seeds.. Make Lemon flavoured water to sip on all day to stay hydrated , sprinkle Lemon zest on your salads to make them more zesty and tasty and add lots of Lemon juice in your salad dressing as well to make it Lemonicious..! 

    Don't forget to make Limoncello with simple syrup, add your favourite spirit and chill out with friends all summer long..  Feel vibrant and energetic and have a party with Limona.. 


    • It is made of High Quality and light weight Stainless Steel.
    • With extra long hands for convenience, it measures. 10 inches Long and it's Jumbo size accommodates Lemon and Limes of all sizes.
    • Easy to use, it can juice as many Lemons and Limes at a time as you want.
    • Dishwasher safe, stores in kitchen drawer.
    • Great addition in Housewarming gift basket..
    Mr. Mister Point And Spray Olive Oil Spritzer
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    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 43.95

    Smart choice by smart cooks..No more sticky pans!

    Why keep buying expensive oil sprays just for the spray mechanism ? They give you a thin coat of oil on your pans but believe it or not , along with it comes the trans fats, GMO and Silicon ingredients too that they contain! Who wants that?!  Why waste money and ruin health, when you can save money and keep good health Mr. Mister Press and Spray Oil Spritzer ! You can fill with flavorful oil of your choice and get the same spraying mechanism and result , in more economical and healthier way! It is made of durable stainless steel which can be refilled and reused over and over again which makes it less expensive overall ! Just fill it with extra virgin olive oil or any oil of your choice, Point and Spray! You can control how much you want to spray and a thin layer of oil gets evenly distributed on your pan to help you saute, roast and grill your veggies efficiently , you can also spray homemade herbal oils, vinegar or soy sauce over your salads to make them flavorful in no time while the Spritzer will last you for a lifetime.. 

    Make a smart choice that works best and looks best in your state of the art kitchen as it matches with all of your Stainless Steel appliances too.. Order yours today mister!


    • Made from high-quality Stainless Steel outer shell and BPA FREE Plastic inner shell.
    • It measures 7 inches Long and 1.5 inches Wide.
    • Gives a good grip which makes it easy to refill and use. No leaks and no mess, just clean and safe way to spritz oil.
    • Compact enough to store in a drawer or display on the counter and will go well with other Stainless Steel appliances.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Useful for any kind of oil like olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, or homemade herbal oils like rosemary-chilli-garlic oil etc. to easily spray on homecooked food and make it more flavorful.
    • Great for gift giving too.
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    Now you have one more reason to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

    Start calling your close friends and family and plan for a great cook out. Tell them you are all set with your portable grill and your own My Grilling Mate to grill great food! And when they ask what makes you so excited about it, tell them you got these mats that are made of the same non stick, Teflon® coated non toxic material that our pans are usually made of and so food does not stick, burn or fall down the grill!

    My Grilling Mate creates a flat nonstick surface on any grill. The food not only looks great with all the grill marks, it tastes delicious too as the flat mat helps cook everything safe and even, even without the cooking spray. So you know you are eating healthy and you will never have to use 'the elbow grease' to clean the greasy grill now, as the grill never gets greasy in the first place! Just wipe clean the mats and store them easily in the kitchen cabinet, they don't take much space. They are machine washable and reusable, you have a 5 year warranty on them.

    It is a 2 pc set of My Grilling Mate Sheets. Get cooking-n-grilling with My Grilling Mate!

    What is it?

    My Grilling Mate is an affordable non-stick mats that you can place on any grill, charcoal or gas. It prevents food from falling through the cracks of the grill. You can cook anything on the grill with the My Grilling Mate. It’s easy to cook with and easy to clean since its dishwasher safe. It will maximize all the flavors.
    How does it work?

    When you get the My Grilling Mate sheets, you can customize it simply by cutting it as per the size of your grill if needed and same for your Baking mate sheets. Place My Grilling Mate sheets on top of your grill and start cooking. You won’t have to change the way you grill at all. It is just like cooking on your regular grill.

    What is the Advantage of using My Grilling Mate?
    • It reduces flare-ups and burning
    • 100 % non-stick surface
    • Made of PTFE TEFLON® (PFOA free) Food Grade completely safe for cooking can withstand heat up to 500° F.
    • Let’s you grill anything and gives you the Grill marks like before.
    • No wasting food by dropping between cracks
    • Dishwasher safe
    • No changes in grilling needed
    • Super thin light weight.
    • Grill surface stays clean and same with baking as it is non stick

    Easy To Use:
    • You get 2pcs set consists of: Set of 2 My Grilling Mate measuring 15.75″ x 13″.
    • My Grilling Mate is so easy to use, you will never grill without it.
    • Simply cut the mat to fit your grill.
    • Decide what food you are going to grill.
    • Grill as you would regularly use the Black sheet mat for Grilling.
    • Let it cool and take it off the grill.
    • Wash with soap or toss into the dishwasher.
    • Reuse! Over and over again!

      Napa King Auto Vacuum Wine Preserver Saver Cap
      $ 69.95

      Gather friends for a wine tasting party and enjoy your evening to the fullest.

      Open your wine bottle and feel the bittersweet and refreshing aroma while you pour it in the wine glass and enjoy it... Then simply top your wine bottle with this Auto Vacuum Wine Saver when done serving. By doing so, you can keep the same earthy characteristics, spicy notes, or the fruity flavor and floral feel of the wine intact on the palate the next time you sip it. 

      Be the Napa King in your own right and take inventory of your wine bottles in your wine cellar and get as many of these Auto Vacuum Wine Savers Cap so you can enjoy your expensive wines without ruining them, every time your friends visit. It comes single or in Pack Of 2.


      • Electronically seals and caps your bottle to preserve your leftover wine.
      • Works on all size bottles
      • Can be stored in the fridge with the bottle.
      • Works on 2 AA batteries (not included) 



      No-Slip Grip 6 in 1 Opener
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      translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 24.95

      Remember the number of times you tried to open a tight lid of a new jar and ruined your manicure? 

      Not any more! No need to call the hubby to the rescue either for a simple chore like opening a jar, a can, or a bottle! Welcome to a quicker and better way to open all these and more, in an easy and most efficient manner by yourself, without ruining your manicure or breaking your nail. Twisting off caps of off bottles and opening cans is a breeze now.

      Get a No-Slip Grip on this 6 in 1 Opener and put an end to the age-old struggle in the comfort of your own kitchen. 


      • Made of ergonomic design, in an anti-skid Rubber material.
      • A safe and multifunctional must-have tool for everyone to easily open any sealed containers, soda cans, beer, or wine bottles.
      • Easy to use for delicate hands and for the elderly.
      • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
      • Small and portable, saves space, and easily stores in the kitchen drawer.
        OILILIO Fill & Pour Set of 2 Prep Tool
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        translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 33.95

        What a revolutionary and genius tool ! You will love OILILIO as it is the most convenient and unique tool that comes in handy to cook like a PRO, without the hazards or a mess! 


        Now you can use your flavourful herb-infused oils with ease and impress your foodie family with delicious dishes..!! Fill the OILILIO Glass container with Olive oil and carefully warm it up in the microwave.Now add aromatic herbs like Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, some crushed Garlic cloves and Red Pepper flakes to it.


        Close the container and place the Silicone brush on top to dip it in the oil and squeeze, the brush will fill with the herb-infused oil in seconds simply squeeze again to pour and spread oil (or melted butter) on your favourite dishes like Puff Pastries, Veggie Cheese rolls and Corn on the Cobs.  It also comes in handy to oil the pan with just the right amount so you can saute Onions for gravies or to make Crepes without making them greasy .. and wait .. there is more, you can also fill the container with your favourite Pestos or sauces you desire.

        Gourmet cooking made easy right at home with OILILIO .. just Fill & Pour.. 



        • The set includes a microwavable Glass container and a BPA Free, heat resistant Silicon brush.
        • The most convenient and handy tool to cook with, without the hazards or a mess.
        • Dishwasher safe.
        • It comes in Organic Green color.
        Open Sesame Vintage Style Grip and Twist Jar Opener With Handle
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        translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 25.95

        How many times you have faced a situation where you can't wait to try your favorite Salsa but just can't open a stubborn jar..?!!

        Get a handle on the situation and order Open Sesame Vintage Style Grip and Twist, it grips tight and opens even the toughest of jars in seconds with a twist..opens wide to fit standard size jars and does not make any noise like the electric openers do ! It's sharp Stainless Steel teeth simply grip the lid at the neck of the bottle and once you get the grip, just twist .. the jar will pop open and you are ready to enjoy your Salsa instantly..

        Don't forget Grip and Twist.. it's as magical as the age old phrase " Open Sesame".. a simple solution to the age-old problem..


        • Made of Stainless Steel with BPA FREE Plastic Handle.
        • It has 5-inch handle  and opens up to accommodate jars up to 4 inches Wide.
        • Works easily, just grip the jar at the lid and twist to open.Works on jars of Jam, Salsa, Jalapenos, Olives and more.
        • Just run under water to clean.
        • It is compact enough to save space and fits in kitchen drawer.
        • It comes in Sesame White.




        Sold Out