Rose Is A Rose Rings 18kt Rose Crystals In White Yellow And Rose Gold Plating

Rose Is A Rose Set of 4 or Rings In 18kt Rose Crystals In White Yellow And Rose Gold Plating Vista Shops
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Offer the roses to your lady love... So sweetly beautiful, even if we call it by any other name, it would still feel the same..! 

This Ring will remind you of the fragrant sweet roses of your private garden that bloom in all seasons... These roses speak to you silently and tell you to celebrate each moment beautifully as there is a lot to hope and dream for in the coming year...

Keep the fragrance of yesteryears memories in the heart and climb up to the new heights of romance with this modern Vintage set of Rose Is A Rose...


  • 18kt single Rose accent design with 2kt Diamond Crystal which measures 7 mm at the heart of the ring makes them timeless. 
  • The ring comes in sizes 6,7,8,9,10 and 11.
  • Even more beautiful in person, they come in Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold.
  • Great for gift giving to the loved one, they come in a Velvet pouch for gift giving and safekeeping. 




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