INSTA LIGHT- 38 LED Solar Powered Lights with Motion Detection

$ 101.95

INSTA LIGHT 38 LED Solar Powered Lights in a Twin Focus with infrared Motion Sensor.  A perfect light to light up your pathway over your garage or patio and with Infrared Motion detector means it will turn on and off automatically when motion is detected within 30 feet of the light.

The powerful 19 LED in each focus a total of 38 LED makes it a best brightest light with Solar Power in similar category available anywhere.   The light has 3 settings OFF - ON - AUTO when in Auto mode it will work on motion detection and light up for 30 sec each time a motion is detected.  The Light is constructed from tough ABS plastic and Nylon housing to make it all weather proof.   The Solar panel comes with a 3 ft. extension cable so you can position your solar panel away from the light to get maximum exposure to sun and outside light. 

The light can operate on a single charge 2 hours nonstop or 240 times for each motion detected.  It uses the energy stored in the solar battery pack from daytime.

Use over your garage, Patio, Balcony or where ever you need lights the bright white light will keep the area well lit.


  • Dual focus 38 LED lights with each focus having 19 individual LED's the light given out is bright white color.
  • The focus is adjustable 180deg. to your desired position.
  • The infrared detects motion in 180 deg up to 30 feet.
  • The Solar panel comes with a 3 ft. cord that plugs into the light.
  • LED lights give out a powerful 760 Lumens of light that will light up any pathway.
  • Easy to install it can be mounted or can also be glued to the surface with double stick tape.
  • Solar panel takes 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge in day time.
  • Comes in Black Color.

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