Artistic Anti Gravity Humidifier And Night Light

Artistic Anti Gravity Humidifier And Night Light Vista Shops
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Looks artistic on your bedside and functional for your desktop.

This humidifier is unique in itself as the water flow is converted into water droplets, then separated into mist, and released into the air through anti-gravity technology to achieve an artistic ambiance. 

It's has a soft glow and also very quiet not to disrupt your sleep, on the contrary, it will induce deep and sound sleep. Also, it keeps the room moist so you can breath easy and your skin stays supple. 


  • 800 ml water tank, has a water level detector.
  • It turns off automatically after 4 hours of continuous use.
  • It comes with an intelligent LED display with time and ambient light.
  • Great for your and your baby's room.




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