Bluetooth and FM Wireless Broadcaster in Car music player for Smartphones

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How can you play wirelessly music in your car from your phone?  


The answer is very simple. The Duo Bluetooth and FM Broadcaster that will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and connect to your car via FM radio broadcast.  Now you all you have to do is select the music on your phone it can be your iTunes library or the Internet radio or any audio from your phone can be played thru your car speakers.   


You can even answer the call and listen to your call thru car speaker totally hands free.   It will plug in to your cigarette lighter and remain charged and ready to use every time you are in the car.  If you need to charge your phone it has a USB port to plug in your charging cable as well.   It is multi-tasking and multi functioning gadget that you will use it every day.   If you do not have your music on your phone then it can even play thru a SD card it is an MP3 player as well.  


Just pop in your SD card with MP3 format music and enjoy it play thru your radio.

The front panel shows all the info and also allows you to forward rewind your music.  

It will work with any smartphone like iPhone or Samsung or just about any out there with Bluetooth connectivity.



  • Bluetooth Music player & FM broadcaster for your car.
  • Hands Free Phone answer 
  • USB Charging port for your phone
  • MP3 player 
  • LCD screen to manage all operation.
  • Colors available : RED, BLUE, BLACK

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