iPhone 6 Case with Extended Power Charger

$ 68.95

iPhone 6 Case with Extended Power Charger.
This is for the newest iPhone 6 4.7 inch that will give you 150% power for your iPhone 6 with a 3600 mAh Li- Polymer battery that will keep your handset ready to use in to the wee hours of day.

Once your phone battery is down to 10% all you have to do is press the charge up button and watch your phone go from 10% to 100 % in less than 30 mins while you continue to use it.
This is a light weight case with full protection all the way around.
You have full access to your buttons and features and it also has a built in kickstand to use it hands free for speaker phone or to watch movies or do a face time.
The outer shell is made of ABS plastic the same one used in many automobile to withstand nicks and bumps.
It recharges in 4 hours and ready to use.
Charging capacity usage comparisons.

On Full Charge it will give you additional:
-14 hours of talk & Text
-12 hours of internet
-16 hours of music
-8 hours of Video
-It has 200 hours of standby power.

Other features:
-Auto charging cut off when not needed to charge.
-Battery level indicator in the front.
-Smooth Grip and non slip case.
-Case can charge by itself without the phone.
-600 mah charger input makes recharges very fast.
-Total weight without the phone is 78 grams that is under 3 oz

Comes in 3 colors Black, White & Gold
You get 1 year warranty.

SKU # 740016274087

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