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Mr. Dustbuster Handheld  Cordless Mini Vacume Cleaner For Car And Home Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95

Quick to charge, and high powered, this multi-functional handheld vacuum cleaner is versatile and ideal for your car and home.

Get out your handheld mini vacuum cleaner to absorb any quick mess and clean it superfast in the car or anywhere at home. Clean any spills from the baby's car seat so the baby can play happily while you drive and keep your couches clean at home from pet hair so you can lounge on a fresh surface and breath easy. No need to feel restricted while cleaning up the staircase either, as this wireless mini tool makes cleaning as easy as one two three and done! The attachments are handy when it comes to cleaning small hard to reach corners and crevices, the nozzle does a neat job and gobbles up all the dirt and dust or sand in minutes!

Get Mr. Dustbuster that literally bites the dust so you can breathe in the clean air again.


  • This cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner saves time, money, and energy.
  • Great for quickly cleaning a car, home, baby's nursery.
  • Uses HEPA Filter to block the finest dirt particles that are vacuumed.
  • Charge with 2500 mAh battery built-in.
  • 6000 PA suction power leaves any area squeaky clean.
  • The attachments included handling any kind of quick cleanup.
  • It comes in Black and White.


Sound Sense Bluetooth Earphone With Portable Charging Box Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95

Dual Chamber Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Charging Box with error correction built in giving you a crisp clear sound every time.  The earphones are compatible with Apple or Android phones with Bluetooth capability they also work with your tablet, laptop or computer as long as Bluetooth is enabled.

Get quick connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 and charging box that is simple and fits in your pocket.  they come in White or  Black Colors and a charging box and cable to the USB port for charging are included.  It has a touch sensor to answer the call or to give a voice command to your phone.  

A full charge will allow you to use the headphone for 12 hours with normal use (90 mins a day) or 8 hours of continuous use.  Also works with an iPad or a desktop computer.

Standby power is for 7 days.

Compatible with all voice command features.

All Apple devices will work with this earphone 

Android any device with Bluetooth will work.

You get :

  • Pair of Earphone 
  • Charging Box 
  • Charging Cable via USB port.
Perfect Posture Back Support Belt Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95

Improve Health and Confidence BuilderSmart Back Brace Posture Trainer helps your body and mind to maintain correct posture for long term benefits: improved posture, upper body, relieve pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. Our Last Wearable Smart Posture Corrector has a built-in sensor Real-time gently vibrate whenever you slouch, (the Original Recorded from Correct Posture), Which Reminds you to stand and sit up straight.

-Daily Posture Coaching -Easy to Wear First, Put it On then Adjust Straps and Stand or Sit STRIGHT. Second, Open Sensor and tack Records (Keep upright for 4 seconds) . Finally Reminder Works. Once you Turn Off the Vibration, the Strap still helps you maintain a correct posture.

-Posture Training Device The Correction Process is not easy, and it takes effect only after persistence. Strong Mind - Perseverance – Habit – Develops Your Muscle Memory.
-Building Healthy Habits Chest Size about 25" to 50", Wide Range Suitable for Must Size of People. Wear with confidence at Office School Home. The perfect Posture Reminder built with a Breathable Strap to ensure your comfort of studying, working in front of the computer for a long time, watching TV, or other Indoor / Outdoor activities.

Unisex design - Comes in 2 color choices.

Soft Eyes Sleep Mask In A Pouch Set Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95

Look and feel rested with this sleep mask that comes with a small silky pouch.

Whether you are at home taking a nap, meditating at the yoga studio, or traveling, it's a joy to put on this high-quality silky mask over the tired and sleep-deprived eyes.
It's light and super soft touch will make your eyes relaxed and refreshed after you wake up from your sleep.

Block the glaring sunlight, feel calm and peaceful, and wake up with Soft Eyes and a  sweet smile.

  • Made of high quality super soft material.
  • Lightweight and silky feel.
  • Block glaring lights to have a restful nap.
  • It comes in a mask and pouch set in 4 colors.
Path Lighter Auto Motion Wall Plate LED Light  2- PACK Vista Shops
$ 30.99

Path Light an invisible light that replaces your exciting cover on your outlets on the wall with the special LED-powered motion sensor light plate.  Every time you come near it the path lights up.  No batteries required to get power it powers from the wall outlet.  Simply change the wall plate with the patch Light plate and you are all set.

 Comes in two design Classic with the Round Style  and Decor wit the Modern Rectangle style

Vanity Hair Trimmer For Ears And Nose Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 60.99
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 60.99

Breath easy and look neat and clean with this compact ears and nose hair trimmer.

Grooming yourself is made so efficient with this trimmer. It looks like a pen that can easily go in your toiletry pouch and you can use it in minutes for a clean-cut appearance. Charge it for 10 seconds and use it for up to 5 mins. Remove unwanted hair from ears and nose quickly and effectively, without much noise and pain whatsoever.  You can remove the blade head to clean it with a brush and wash it under running water.

Achieve good looks with Vanity and feel good when your special someone admires your appearance.


    • Powerful motor and whisper-quiet operation make this trimmer unique.
    • It enables you to achieve a neat and clean appearance.
    • Easy to use and easy to clean, comes with a cleaning brush.
    • Wash removable blade head under running water and pat dry to store in a vanity drawer.
    • Compact and travel-friendly.  


Good Hair Day Hair Brush 5 In 1 Curler And Straighter Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 132.99
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 132.99

Never have a bad hair day again ever.

Getting ready for the evening and just out of the shower with wet hair? Do not worry and enjoy your evening with this hair styling tool that will do multiple things in a jiffy to make you look beautiful. This multifunctional hairbrush comes with attachments that can achieve different hairstyles and do it effectively in less time as per your wish. This hairbrush will dry your hair first, eliminate the frizz, giving you the most voluminous hair that you can straighten to softly frame your face or curl so you can have the most romantic beachy waves of your dreams in no time! Its ergonomic handle gives you a good grip and the speedy yet gentle heating will eliminate any damage to your silky traces, making them even shinier and healthier. 

No need to spend hours in the salon, get ready quickly at home and have a Good Hair Day to enjoy your evening uptown chilling with your friends.  


  • It comes with a comb to dry hair and create volume.
  • Its 360-degree swivel cord allows you to use it freely without getting tangled.
  • The 5 different attachments are easy to install and remove as per your need.
  • It enables you to straighten hair quickly.
  • It can curl your hair in no time.
  • The ceramic coating and negative Ion technology make heat smoother and shinier.
  • You can select the airspeed and temperature for best-desired results.
  • The tool heats up quickly and gently, never overheats.
  • Gives an even heat distribution and comes with anti-hot gloves.
  • It comes with a travel bag for easy portability.
Bluetooth Earpods with LED Indicator And Wireless Charging Pad Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95

High-Quality Bluetooth Wireless Earpods with a built-in screen on the charging box showing how much power left on the Earpods.  Sync to your Apple or Android phone and start enjoying your conversation and music.  Its noise cancelation feature gives you static-free listening and one-touch phone answer on the earpads.


A single charge will last you 5 to 6 hours.  When ready to charge simply toss it on the included wireless charging pad and your fast wireless charging pad will recharge your earpods.


Check anytime to see how much power left don't be caught with no power when you are out and about.


    • Earpods with power indicator and charging box with the wireless charging pad ( All charging pad come in Black Color only)
    • APT-X Noise cancelation with crisp clear sound.
    • Full Hi-Fi Stereo sound for hours and hours of non-stop listening. 
    •  Auto-sync with the phone instantly when you open the box. 
    • Works with Apple phones and Android phones too. 
    • Comes in Blac, Gold & Silver color with Black charging pad 


Lazy Maid Quick Mop Slip-On Slippers 3 pairs Vista Shops
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 60.99
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 60.99

Add some fun to your mundane chore with these Quick Mop Slippers.

Just wear these soft and colorful elastic shoe covers and start mopping and cleaning while you simply walk and dance on your floors. Avoid the dirty mop, dripping wet paper towels or heavy buckets, and do the handsfree swift cleaning the fun way without stooping, bending or kneeling to the floor.

You can also put these mop slippers on your existing mop stand and mop away. Its non-abrasive surface will make your floors sparkly clean without ever scratching them. No need to call the maid and throw away the money, just slip into these slippers and get clean floors in no time! Toss them in the washing machine and they are like new again!

Lazy Maid... Put on some music and do your house cleaning, the modern way... 


  • Made of soft Polyester material with built-in elastic for a snug fit.
  • Highly absorbent material makes it easy to absorb and wipe clean any spillage like water, coffee or juices quickly.
  • Works on all surfaces like tile, wood, and vinyl.
  • Machine wash and tumble dry.
  • One size fits most feet, overall unstretched size approximately measures 21cm inches long and 11cm inches wide.
  • Each order comes with 3 pairs of MOP slippers.
  • It comes in various colors. 



    Smart Fit Multi Function Smart Watch Tracker and Monitor Vista Shops
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 139.95
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 139.95

    Smart Fit Multi Function Smart Watch Tracker and Monitor...


    A watch that keeps track of your health and your daily routines. A true friend that will keep working for you as hard as you so you stay healthy. It comes with a soft sporty belt and an easy recharge by a clip charger that is included. It is also water-resistant with a QOled screen that is bright and visible in any light. 


    Get Mr. Monitor and track your health everyday... also comes with a Bluetooth Connection to Free App IOS and Android for all the stats...



      1. Heart Rate Monitor.


      1. Blood Oxygen Monitor.


      1. Step and Distance tracker.


      1. Calories burned monitor.


      1. Sleep Monitor.


      1. Selfie Remote Shutter shake and take a photo.


      1. Message Alerter.


      1. Incoming call alert.


      1. Sedentary Reminder.


      1. GPS Anti-lost tracker.


      1. Tells you Time, Date and Temperature.


      1. Waterproof IP67 to wear while swimming.

    ***It comes in beautiful colors to select from and great for gift giving this holiday season and beyond, each sold separately.***

    Smart Fit Total Wellness And Sports Activity Watch Vista Shops
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99
    Smart Fit Total Wellness and Sports Activity Tracker with so many features that you will be thrilled.

      • Available in: Black, White, Gold, and Pink, Blue, Red, and Gray
      • Time display.
      • Battery icon display.
      • Date and week display.
      • Standard sports functions (step, distance, calories).
      • Heart rate.
      • Blood pressure detection.
      • Blood oxygen detection.
      • Sleep time screen.
      • Adjust screen brightness.
      • Music control.
      • Reminder function: call, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
      • Alarm clocks.
      • Waterproof can wear while Swimming.
      • Sports Activity Tracker by Category- Basket Ball, Tennis, Soccer & Running
      • Read Text Messages on the watch.
      • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above.
      • Compatible System: IOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above.
      • Waterproof IP67.
      • Screen Size: 1.3", Resolution 240x240.
      • Battery: 180 mAh.
      • Charging Time: about 1.5 hours.
      • Bracelet Material: PC case plastic case.
      • Size: 1.92" x 1.35" x 0.46".
      • App: For ( Android | iOS ) FREE APP.
      • Sets, tracks and follows your health data day and night.
      • Monitor and track your sleep quality.
      • Start everyday feeling rested with a gentle alarm.
      • Gain insights from easy to view trends based on your personal health data.
      • Set your band to vibrate when you have incoming calls on your phone.
    Vibra Beauty Vibrating Gemstone Roller And Magical Skin Care Massager Vista Shops
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95 $ 28.99 On Sale
    translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95 $ 28.99 On Sale
    Firm your skin and lift your face...

    Update your nighttime skincare routine with this set of 2 facial roller that stimulates and rejuvenates your face... Apply your go-to moisturizer or favorite essential oil and just roll this gemstone roller and skincare massager to combat fine lines and produce more collagen... Both of these changeable rollers gently vibrate to relax your facial muscles and smooth facial tissues beautifully!


    Look vibrant this holiday season, in the new year and beyond with Vibra Beauty!


      • Each Vibration Gemstone Massager comes in 2 pc set with a storage pouch.
      • Runs on 1 AA battery. 
      • Get more as gift-giving for your besties.
      • It comes in 2 shades of gemstones. 
      • Get both, each sold separately.




    Sold Out