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Multi-Task Master Of All Bluetooth Keyboard Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 167.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 167.99

A multi-tasker Bluetooth Keyboard, that allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. You can also switch between the device in a second via the keyboard.

No resync or no new connection required once it is set. Will connect APPLE iOS, Android, and Windows systems. You get a full keyset of the keyboard. This allows you to carry a single keyboard for anything you want to connect to type on like Smart Phone, Tablets, and Desktop computer. The keyboard is made from tough ABS plastics. It has a Bluetooth connection and uses a rechargeable battery. One single charge can last up to 12 hours of use.

Connect to multiple devices all at the same time and be the Multi-Task Master Of All.


* Keyboard charging cable is included.  

* Bluetooth capability required on your device to use this keyboard. 

* Built-in stand to hold your tablet and smartphone while you type.

*Will Connect to Apple - iPhone 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and iPad 4, Air, Air Pro, Mini, Samsung Android -- All phones.

*Tablet can also connect to Windows-based phones and desktop Windows computers with Bluetooth.

*Simultaneously connect your multiple devices and type to anyone single device at any given time.

*It comes in various colors to select from.

I Vaccinated Card Keeper Vista Shops
$ 17.99
Perfectly protect and display your Vaccination card anytime, anywhere needed.

You have vaccinated and this is the proof that you need to keep. You can now place your Vaccination card neatly in this card keeper without it getting damaged or lost. The card keeper is made to accommodate your latest Vaccination card, which is a record you need to keep in case you need to travel.

Now you can safely say I Vaccinated with your card keeper, and easily and conveniently access it any time you need it.
  • The card keeper is transparent and made of PVC material.
  • It easily displays as well as protects the Vaccination card.
  • It measures 3*4 inches to fit the standard size Vaccination card.
  • Get more, each sold separately.



VIP 3 In 1 Card Holder For Vaccination Card, ID And Passport Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 27.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 27.95
Perfectly protect and display all 3, your Vaccination card, ID, and your Passport.
No need to worry about losing your travel essentials. You can now place them neatly in one cardholder without it getting damaged or lost. The holder is made to not only accommodate your ID card, credit card, or Driver's Licence and Passport, but also your latest Vaccination card, which is a record you need to keep in case you need to travel.
Keep your 3 in1 Vaccination Card, ID, And Passport in this cardholder, it's an easy and convenient way to access the VIPs. 
  • It fits the standard size Vaccination card, which measures 4.5 x3.25 inches.
  • You can also accommodate your ID and Passport.
  • Select from various colors. 
  • Get more for each one of your family members. 


Cool Collar Hands Free Neck Fan Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99

Look and feel cool with this classic, portable, and fashionable neck fan. 

This USB rechargeable battery-operated neck fan is so awesome, it makes feeling a cool breeze easy and enjoyable. Let your hair flow naturally in the fresh air with this neck fan, as it is bladeless and won't tangle your hair. It's also hands-free and portable, which enables you to enjoy fresh and cool air indoors and outdoors. Adjust the wind speed as per your need and stay cool while you get on a treadmill, plant roses in your garden, or cook in your backyard. The neck fan is lightweight and stays quiet while giving you a powerful blast of cool air. 

Experience a cool breeze this summer and beyond with this Cool Collar Hands-Free Neck Fan.


    • This neck fan is made of soft and flexible material.
    • Make a fashion statement while you make a practical choice to stay cool.
    • The built-in turbocharged motor enables the airflow to move 360 degrees, surrounding you with a cool breeze wherever you are. 
    • Bladeless and safe for hair.
    • Lightweight, not heavy on neck.
    • No need to spend money repeatedly buying batteries, as it comes with an in-built rechargeable battery and USB charging port and cable. 
    • Gives constant cool air for about 12 hours when fully charged.
    • It comes in 3 colors.

Chargomate Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger And Power Bank For Apple And Android Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 109.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 109.95

This is a slim Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger and fast Power Bank for Apple And Android phones and any other Qi-compatible wireless charging device.

Power your  Apple And Android phone anywhere with this magnetic charger that clings to your prized possession and charges it from 0% to 100% due to the built-in magnet and fast 15-watt charger. You can also charge any wireless phone with this by placing it on the charger or using the USB-C port to charge your phone or a second device, including your wireless Apple AirPods. 

Recharge the power bank using any USB outlet and never run out of power in your phone for your important calls and video meetings with Chargomate, your newest slim and fast charger.


    • This Charger charges your phone 100% in less than 2 hours.
    • This 15-watt charger clings to iPhone 12 while charging.
    • It can also charge all Qi-based wireless charging phones and devices in other brands like Samsung, Google, etc.
    • Charge a second device using a built-in USB-C port, which can charge the earpods, cameras, speakers, and more. 
    • No need to remove the case to charge, works with the case to recharge the phone.
    • Compatible with iPhone 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, the iPad, works with Samsung phones and any Android phones as well.
    • It is slim enough to fit in your pocket and lightweight.
    • This fast charger is portable and safe to carry when traveling.
    • It comes in multiple colors.
Summery Vibes All Natural Hand Made Handbag Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 99.95

Visiting a beautiful sandy beach this summer or invited to a pool party? Don't forget to reach for your soft and foldable all-natural fiber handbag.

Welcome summer and get ready for your getaway with all your sunny day essentials in this handbag like your swimwear, a good suntan lotion, beach cover-up, flip flops, sunglasses, and a lip tint. You can also add your phone and an iPad to stay connected. Whether you are heading out to the beach barefoot to enjoy the glorious sunshine, lounging under a cool cabana to unwind with a colorful fruity drink, or chilling out with friends at the pool party, you will be happy and worry-free with all your essentials neatly tucked in your All Natural Straw Handbag. 

Enjoy the Summery Vibes on a beachy holiday and a day around town with this all-handmade, all-natural fiber Handbag, and let the summer wrap its arm around you like never before.


    • This unique shoulder bag is soft and foldable.
    • The flowery design is weaved hand-made by artisans with 100% natural fiber material.
    • Fashionable and chic, great for the day on the beach under the sun as well as for a date night under the moon.
    • It approximately measures 17 inches Round and 18 inches Wide.
    • Practically useful to easily accommodate a small camera, your iPad, iPhone, a solar charger, sunnies, a beach cover-up, sunscreen, your wallet, or room keys.
    • The inside wall is lined with Linen fabric to contain everything nicely.
    • The wall pocket keeps valuables sorted and a zipper on top holds everything in safely.
    • It comes in 3 summery shades to select from.
Lifestyle Smart Watch Heart Health Monitor And More Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 152.99

Stay motivated all day and never miss an important thing!

This SmartWatch enables you to do all you need to do in a day's work, like receive the alerts and the incoming calls you need to receive, then check all the social networking sites for a business or just for fun. You can also walk on the treadmill and do Yoga indoors or be adventurous and go outdoors hiking, or mountain biking, and this SmartWatch will support it and record all your activities; like the steps you took, the miles you walked, and the distance you went across. It will not only count the calories you burned throughout your productive day but will also monitor the quality of your sleep during the night.

Make this Smart Watch Heart Health Monitor And More your habit for a healthier Lifestyle.


    • Large 42mm Screen 1.69 inch Full-Screen Touch Sensor.
    • You can develop a healthier lifestyle by monitoring your heart health indoors and outdoors. 
    • Select and customize your screen background and screen style.
    • Monitor your sleep pattern, set up your wake-up time, and find out the quality of sleep, deep or light. 
    • Features include alarm clocks, stopwatch, timer, and more.
    • Works as a music controller.
    • Sports Activity Tracker. 
    • Heart Rate Active Monitor.
    • Incoming Call and Text messaging Alert.
    • View messages on the watch.
    • Can track all your workout routes, distances, and physical status during exercise. 
    • You can adjust the brightness.
    • Also has a sedentary reminder, and the Find The Phone feature.
    • Built-in Waterproof rating enables you to enjoy swimming in the pool.
    • It has a long-lasting power capacity and low power consumption 72 hr of normal use and 12 days standby.
    • The band is made from soft TPU very comfortable to wear with security.
    • Select more colors that suit your surroundings. Each sold seperately. 
Teamwork 2 In 1 Wireless Phone And Apple Watch Charger Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 91.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 91.99

This 2 In 1 charger is so so useful, it commands a place on your nightstand.

Now you do not need to carry two separate chargers, instead just carry one and charge two devices. Compact modern design with a soft surface to rest any of your wireless phones, and Apple Watch for charging. This multifunctional wireless charger is created with a wireless charging pad to charge your phone and a pop-up dock to charge your Apple watch. It charges your phone from 0 to 100% in 2 hours or less, even charges your Airpods or any other wireless devices with Qi Standard. Fold it when not in use and it's compact enough and portable to travel with you anywhere you take it.

Aptly called the Teamwork, as it enables you to charge both of your Apple devices: your Phone and your Apple watch simultaneously and works as a team to keep your devices fully functional and powered up. 


  • The charging pad has a soft velvety finish.
  • Fast Charging coils inside charge your phone 100% in under 2 hours.
  • Slide out the Apple watch charger for a quick charge.
  • The whole charger plugs into a USB port in the wall or your computer.
  • The charging Pad is 4-inch square.
  • Compact Design easy to carry.
  • Select from Black and White. 


Natura Super Cool Bamboo Towel In A Bottle - 2 PK Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 59.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 59.95

A Chemical-free and durable Bamboo Towel In A Bottle.

This microfiber mix lightweight towel not only gives an instant super cool effect, but it also stays refreshingly cool even with repeated use. Simply soak it in icy cold water, wring the wet towel and snap it a couple of times. Glide it over your face, neck, and arms, and its cooling properties that are built-in in the Bamboo fabric get activated instantly to give you a super cool feeling whether you are working indoors in the kitchen near the hot stove or playing your favorite sports outdoors in the sun.

Stay super cool and simply remember your ABCs: Always Be Cool with Natura Bamboo Towel In A Bottle!


    • This towel is made of chemical-free and super cool Bamboo fabric blended with Microfiber in 2- Pack
    • It has a 98% UV blocking rate,50+UV protection index.
    • It comes in a bottle which makes it easy to carry before and after use.
    • Durable, lightweight, and portable.
    • The bottle has a lid with a built-in strong carabiner hook that quickly holds on to your bike handle or backpack and more.
    • The Bamboo towel is machine washable, do not use bleach.
    • The bottle is dishwasher safe.
    • Select from various summery colors. It comes in 2 -Pack of the same color


Trio 3 in 1 Light Fan And Charger For Your Phone Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 69.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 69.95

Trio 3 in 1 Light Fan and Charger for any phone. 

This handy and convenient mini portable fan is very useful when you are out in the hot weather, as it will give you a blast of cool breeze instantly from its two flexible blades. If you are running out of power on your cell phone, it can also give you enough power to last for 3 hours of additional use and if you need to talk on your phone and use a flashlight to check the path, this can do that too by its built-in LED light.

It's a device that no person should be without, as it gives you 3 different functions in one small package.  With a foldable compact design, it is ready to go with you anywhere, anytime. Let the Trio lead you in the right direction, it comes with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged overnight to refresh all its features all over again.


  • 3 in 1 Fan, Power bank with USB port, and a LED Flashlight.
  • Folds into a compact box that fits in your pocket or bag.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Shows on a screen how much power left.
  • Three-speed setting on the fan.
  • Recharging cable included.
  • Select from various colors.
Napa King Auto Vacuum Wine Preserver Saver Cap Vista Shops
$ 89.95

Gather friends for a wine tasting party and enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Open your wine bottle and feel the bittersweet and refreshing aroma while you pour it in the wine glass and enjoy it... Then simply top your wine bottle with this Auto Vacuum Wine Saver when done serving. By doing so, you can keep the same earthy characteristics, spicy notes, or the fruity flavor and floral feel of the wine intact on the palate the next time you sip it. 

Be the Napa King in your own right and take inventory of your wine bottles in your wine cellar and get as many of these Auto Vacuum Wine Savers Cap so you can enjoy your expensive wines without ruining them, every time your friends visit. It comes single or in Pack Of 2.


  • Electronically seals and caps your bottle to preserve your leftover wine.
  • Works on all size bottles
  • Can be stored in the fridge with the bottle.
  • Works on 2 AA batteries (not included) 



Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 119.95 Sold Out
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 119.95 Sold Out
Packing for vacation is so much fun and convenient with this Baggage Organizer.
You get 3 shelves to organize all your beautiful destination clothes and beach accessories, plus separate laundry zippered compartment for used clothes. You can fit in so much, just hang the organizer over the door and start placing your tops and shirts, jeans and pants, some tees and kimonos, plus your favorite lingerie, swimsuits, and beach coverups, as well as an extra pair of formal shoes and a jewelry box, all sorted nice and neat in these shelves. Then place this organizer in your carry-on bag, close it down, zip it up and you are ready to fly! Unpacking is even easier, as you just need to remove the organizer from your bag and hang it in the hotel room closet when you reach your destination! You will enjoy getting ready as everything is sorted at eye level and easy to find plus the close stay nice and neat and wrinkle-free! Get one more for your travel buddy so he can have his clothes and toiletries organized too! Toss used clothes in the zippered compartment so the laundry gets sorted as well.
Carry On with your vacation plans, your Baggage Organizer is here to help you pack quickly and effectively, so you can really enjoy your 'Me' time even more!
  • It is made of sturdy Polyester fabric and can hold up to 50 lbs easily.
  • When expanded, it measures 18" Wide x 12" Deep x 25.5" inches Tall when opened.
  • Packing is a breeze as everything fits nicely plus gives you more space.
  • It lets you see everything at eye level.
  • Clothes remain wrinkle-free, which saves time ironing.
  • A separate compartment for accessories and used clothes sort things out.
  • Ideal for a Standard size carry-on bag. 
  • Get 2 so your travel partner can have his own organizer. Each is sold separately.
  • It comes in 3 colors.
***This baggage organizer goes in your existing suitcase, suitcase shown here is for demonstration purposes only and does not come with the product.***




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