Stunning Stole Fashionable Woman's Shawl Wrap

Stunning Stole Fashionable Woman's Shawl Wrap Vista Shops
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Celebrate who you are with these Fashionable Woman's Shawl Wraps.

The awesome softness of these wraps makes you feel precious, their rich hues make you look beautiful and the breezy fringe at the border creates a playful silhouette which is an added bonus. What a privilege to have this shawl on your shoulders that drapes you gracefully and expresses every bit of who you are and what you love. Wear it for the special dinner or just lounge by the fireplace in it. 

Perfect for chilly evenings, wear this Stunning Stole and win the affection of your family. Gift it and get appreciated and admired by your friends.


  • It is made with the most luxurious yarn created with the high-quality Wool and Silk blend.
  • Elegant and simple.
  • It measures ---inches Wide and ---inches Long.
  • The breezy fringes also add playfulness to the wraps.
  • It comes in dual shades in various beautiful and festive colors that welcome the holiday season wholeheartedly.
  • Great for gift giving. Get more in all of your favorite colors, each sold individually.






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