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So Smart Toy Pad with 10 inch Screen Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 57.99 Sold Out

A iPad inspired children’s learning ‘SO SMART!’ Pad toy with a 10 inch screen..

The ‘SO SMART!’ Pad toy helps children to learn numbers and sounds, with easy to use screen buttons.

It also plays music with lights and creates hours of fun for your curious little ones.

Now kids will not take daddy’s iPad to play with, they have their own ‘SO SMART!’ Pad toy that looks like a real iPad.
There is no Glass Screen or any cables to connect or Apps to download it is a simple fun learning toy.

-Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
-For Ages 18 months to 3 years.

So Smart Toy Pad With 12 Fun And Educational Features Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 50.99

So Smart Toy Pad Children's Toy W /12 Fun And Educational Features.

This iPad inspired children’s learning ‘SO SMART!’ Toy Pad comes with 10-inch screen. The ‘SO SMART!’ Pad toy helps children to learn numbers and sounds, with easy to use screen buttons. It also plays music and creates hours of fun for your curious little ones!

Now kids will not take Daddy’s iPad to play with, they will have their own ‘SO SMART!’ Learn Pad toy that looks like a real tablet computer! Mom won’t have to worry and take it away from them! Completely safe for kids and recommended for ages 3+.


  • 10 Inch surface screen area.
  • 12 Features.
  • Number Quiz Function. 
  • Spelling Quiz Function.
  • Questions and Answer Game. 
  • Word Game like: Spell A Word.
  • Animals Games to play with.
  • Find An Object Quiz.
  • Find A Letter game. 
  • Find The Word game. 
  • Find A Number game.
  • 2 Sing A Long Songs. 
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Plays a song built in with Music.
  • Volume Control. 
  • Power Saver mode turns Off if not in use. 
  • Made of light weight moisture proof hard Plastic.
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries (Not Included).
So Smart Toy Phone With 8 Fun And Learning Functions Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 24.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 24.99

So Smart Toy Phone With 8 Fun And Learning Functions.

This So Smart Toy Phone mimics the real phone! This works great for kids who  all the time see their Mom and Dad talking on their Smart Phones and they always want to have one too. Now they can!!

This phone is not just any toy, it's a functional Toy Phone and it is amazingly interactive with kids , while entertaining them as well as educating them in numbers, objects and so much more!

The Toy Phone also makes similar Touch Tone sounds when dialing like the usual actual Smart Phone does. It is safe for kids and suitable for kids of ages 2+.



  • It has a Number Game.
  • A Word Game .
  • Sound and Music.
  • Touch Buttons on Screen.
  • Flash lights with music on the edge of the phone.
  • Power Off button.
  • Rechargeable Battery charge with a micro USB outlet and micro USB cord.
  • Single recharge can last over 36 hours.
  • Colors Black and White.
Social Butterfly A Flower And A Butterfly Filigree Design Crossbody Bag Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 67.99

Social Butterfly - A Flower and a Butterfly Filigree Design Cross body Bag. Cannot live without it.

An easy going and an outgoing person like you needs a flower and a butterfly bag to bring all your important networking necessities with you when you are socializing and it is even more important that you look effortlessly charismatic while doing that.

Be confidant having your Smartphone, your cosmetics and a credit card with you in your Social Butterfly Bag and just be your comfortable and friendly self to enjoy the evening and meet new exciting people along the way.

*** Each bag is sold separately ***



  • Cross body hands free design.
  • Bag Sizes: 7.5" x 5" with 48" long double stitched strap.
  • Enough compartments to carry your must haves.
  • Filigree of a Butterfly on a Vertical Bag.
  • Filigree of a Flower on a Horizontal Bag.
  • Select from beautiful colors in both Bags.
  • Select one or both. Each is sold separately.
  • Made from Vegan Leather. 
Soft Eyes Sleep Mask In A Pouch Set Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 29.95

Look and feel rested with this sleep mask that comes with a small silky pouch.

Whether you are at home taking a nap, meditating at the yoga studio, or traveling, it's a joy to put on this high-quality silky mask over the tired and sleep-deprived eyes.
It's light and super soft touch will make your eyes relaxed and refreshed after you wake up from your sleep.

Block the glaring sunlight, feel calm and peaceful, and wake up with Soft Eyes and a  sweet smile.

  • Made of high quality super soft material.
  • Lightweight and silky feel.
  • Block glaring lights to have a restful nap.
  • It comes in a mask and pouch set in 4 colors.
Soft Flame LED Sync Sound Speaker Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 129.95 Sold Out

Fully functional and decorative.

These wireless outdoor speakers are a great addition to your newly built patio. It has a Multi-point pairing function, which allows you to synchronize up to 100 wireless outdoor speakers. It has handles to carry it around and hang them outdoors lanterns to make the backyard look beautiful with the flame-lit lanterns. It also comes with  2 sets of wall mount hooks and ground stakes so you can strategically place them where ever you wish to while throwing an outdoor party this summer.

Let the natural glow of these flames create a friendly and romantic ambiance and the inbuilt portable speakers give a beautiful sound to enhance your pool party. 


    • Play music from these speakers outdoors by pairing your devices with them.
    • The speakers are waterproof and can withstand rain or splashes from the pool.
    • Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery.
    • Enjoy up to 8 hours of your favorite tunes non-stop with these Bluetooth speakers.
    • Great gift for friends and family for birthdays, Mother's Day, or Christmas.


Soft Snowflakes Xmas Leg Warmers Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 300.00

Wander in the Winter Wonderland this Xmas and let it snow.

So many reasons to love the intimate feel and Vintage look of these Xmas Leg Warmers. The Snowflakes design makes these hot knit leg warmers pretty neat and cool..! Feel the blessings from heaven in the form of snowflakes this Xmas with these endearing Leg Warmers featuring soft and fluffy snowflakes on them. Wear over leggings and feel the fuzzy feeling on a wonderful and snowy winter night.

Feel Christmassy with Soft Snowflakes Xmas Leg Warmers.


The Leg Warmers are made of 65% Acrylic & 35% Wool cable knit.
24 Inches Tall and 4 Inches Wide.
The Snowflecks on the socks make Xmas feel special.
Stretchy enough to fit almost everyone.
They come in Fall and Winter colors like Coffee, Grey, and Blue.
Great for gift-giving and stocking stuffers.

Soft Velour - Personal Jewel Box in Luscious Colors with Ornate Hardware Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 51.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 51.95
Soft and luxurious Velour Jewel box is a mini chest of treasures. Now you can use this in travel or on your dresser. Your select jewels that are your favorite, have now found a special place for themselves.

It has three trays that can hold up to 36 pieces of your precious jewelry, including a tray with a ring holder of up to 12 rings and a tray for your pendants with individual boxes to keep your chains and necklaces from getting entangled. You can also keep your bracelets and watches at the bottom.

The Jewel box is approx. 6 inch from all sides, big enough to hold your own "Kohinoor" diamond and includes a mirror on the top hinge so you can quickly get ready like a super women anywhere anytime and check yourself out. All you need to wear then is a beautiful smile.

It comes in multiple colors with slide secure lock.

Size: 6 inches Square
Desk Organizer + Wireless Phone Charger Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 79.95 Sold Out
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 79.95 Sold Out

Organize your Small Office Home Office with this go-to handy accessory effectively and efficiently.

Sort and prioritize your desk and have more organizational skills while you are busy working on an important project. This desk organizer has two built-in compartments and a wireless charger with a 45-degree angle, that can charge any of your Apple or Android phones with high-speed quick charging capability. It allows you to monitor your phone screen while the phone is getting charged, you can even have a video call or a speakerphone conversation by using it as a stand. The other two compartments are very useful to contain the clutter on the desk for sorting out important office supplies like a mail opener, stapler, scissors, pens, paperclips, stamps, and more. This also can be used on a desk or used to store makeup brushes and other beauty products while you are charging your phone.

An organized desk is a sign of an organized mind, get your desk and day organized with Soho.


  • It is made from Vegan leather and looks professional.
  • Three separate compartments to charge and store office supplies.
  • The wireless charger for your mobile phone supports Apple and Android phones. 
  • It can be used to sort beauty products, select from available colors like Black, Gray, Blue, Pink, and Beige to suit your surroundings.
Solar Cherry Blossom Lights All Weatherproof Vista Shops
$ 37.99

Wireless and with little creativity decorate your outdoors with fun and lively colors, very different than what you would see anywhere else!  

When the Cherry Blossom Flowers LED bulbs light up reflecting a sweet glow, it almost seems so real as it lights up your garden ..These shiny delights come in warm yellow, bright white and in multicolored options to select from. They are on a string of 20 LED lights with a solar power panel. No need to plug them into a wall outlet,  just set them up during the day so that they recharge fully and you will almost forget all about it until they start glowing at night! They will stay on for 8 to 10 hours and disappear in daylight to recharge fully and light up at night again!

Made from highest quality of LED lights are rated at 30,000 hrs that is about 11 Years of normal 7 - 8 hours of use every day.  Waterproof and all Weatherproof, these are a perfect way to add the holiday glow to your house and your garden ..


  • 20 LED FIREFLY lights on a string with 16 foot long approx.
  • LED Lights are 30,000 hrs rated approx 11 years of 7 to 8 hrs daily use. 
  • One solar panel with ground stake.
  • 2 modes: Steady, Flashing or OFF.
  • Available in warm yellow, bright white or multicolored.
Solar Green PowerLeaf Charge Extender for your Smart Phones and Gadgets Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 111.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 111.95

Solar Green PowerLeaf Charge Extender for indoor and outdoor use charge your Smartphone and Gadget all in same Solar Charger with our included Bonus 3 in 1 cable.  The solar power extender can let you work wireless anywhere it extracts power not only from sunlight but also from any indoor light.   The built in 3 power indicator will give you clear indication how your Solar Leaf is charging.  Charge 2 devices simultenoudsly with its Dual USB port 

The built-in USB port is standard USB port that will plug any cable that you may have to charge your device.   It is water resistant and shock proof comes with optional carabiner hook that will allow you to hang and go.  

Solar rechargeable battery capacity is 5000mAh that can completely charge your Smartphone 100% and your tablet 60 to 75% 

Fully compatible with : iPhone 4 /4s/5/ 5s /6 /6s /6 PLUS, iPad,iPadmini,  All Samsung Galaxy, S5, S4, S3, S2. Nexus 4/5/7, Sony, HTC, LG  or any other device that will charge via USB port.

  • Solar Green PowerLeaf rechargeable Power Extender 5000mAh capacity,
  • Dual USB port charge 2 devices simuletenously.
  • Water Resistant, Shock Proof, Dust Proof.
  • Built-in LED Flash Light 
  • Power indicator lights.
  • BONUS - 3 in 1 Cable included Free. ( 8Pin Connector, micro USB, 32 pin connector)
  • Carabiner metal hook to hang and go. 
  • Size : 4.9" Tall  x 2.5" wide  x 0.6" Thick.
Solar LED Flash Light Never Need Batteries Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 49.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 49.99

Solar LED Flashlight with all steel body never needs battery replacement.  Simply expose the flashlight to daylight during the day and it will start storing power in its built-in Lithium cell.  Powerful LED light can shine up 150 feet.   Perfect for Camping,Home,RV,Boats and for your glove compartment in your car.

Shock Proof and Water resistance outer shell.




Sold Out