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Swifty Cordless Knife And Multipurpose Blade Sharpener Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 69.95 Sold Out

Get a second life out of knives, scissors and other household products with the Swifty, the Cordless Multipurpose Blade Sharpener.


Equipped with a professional grade, high-speed sharpening stone, the Blade Sharpener restores the razor's edge on any blade in just seconds, from knives to scissors to small hand tools.Offers precision power sharpening at a fraction of the price and it's cordless, making your sharpening as convenient as ever.The built-in guide holds the blades at the perfect angle, and a catch tray underneath collects all the metal shavings.Use it on serrated knives, hedge shears and more.
This incredible motorized knife sharpener includes a safety slot for different functions and has a removable attachment for all your sharpening needs, big or small.


    • Ideal for chef knives, carving knives, bread knives, paring knives, filet knives, cheese knives, choppers, cleavers, scissors, precision tools and more!


    • Cordless and battery operated, requires 4 AA batteries, not included.


    • Professional grade, high-speed rotating sapphire stone shapes and hones the blade.


    • Compact design for easy storage.


    • Safe and easy to use.


Swirl & Twirl - The 18kt Gold Plated Fine Filigree Ring Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 50.95

This Fine Filigree Ring in 18kt Gold Plating, is no less than Modern Art.

The Swirl & Twirl ring will quickly become your all-time favorite ring.

It is dressy and makes a beautiful choice for a formal occasion, at the same time pretty to be your style statement on casual days as well.


  • 18kt Gold Plated over Alloy with Anti Tarnish coating.
  • Available in Ring Sizes 6, 7, 8 & 9. 
  • It comes in a Gift Box. 
Swiss Army Style Emergency Tool for your Car -RV- Boat Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 45.95

Swiss Army Style Emergency Tool for your Car, RV or your Boat.  This multi functional rescue tool, can be used for rescue and self-help. Is a set of cut, pointed and flat hammer, lever and other functions as one of the portable hand tools. You break through a Sheetrock wall or break out of a Glass window or windshield in a car. It can cut plastic hardest plastic ties and can saw through a wood or a tree branch.  It has set of pliers and screwdriver and multiple knives. This  multi-functional tool does not need any batteries and made from hardened steel with insulated wood handle.  

It is a perfect rescue tool and a must have for your glove compartment.   Has the advantages of conveniently carrying as it folds into small hammer.

Great for Emergency Tool in your Car, perfect for every camping trip and good to have as one in all handy tool for your home.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.5 x 1 inches ; 14 ounces
  • Made from Hardened Stainless Steel and oak wood handle.
  • Comes with carrying case.
Symbol Of Infinity And Holy Cross With Lariat Style Chain Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 49.95

Have the infinite amount of Faith in yourself and God...

Keep a gentle reminder of the infinite power of your Faith close to your heart...

Wear this Sterling Silver Symbol of Infinity and the Holy Cross and feel blessed!


  • It is made of Sterling Silver plated Gold is 18kt Gold Plated and 18kt Rose Gold plated
  • The necklace is created with two beautiful symbols of Faith, the Infinity and the Holy Cross.
  • It comes in a lariat style chain which measures 18"Long.
  • It has a Lobster style clasp closure.
  • It comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.
  • It comes in a velvet pouch, great for gift giving and safe keeping.
Tailgate Buddy Bottle Opener And Collector Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 24.95

Let the game begin with the easiest bottle opener on the market that you will love and need...

Enjoy the game nights with your buddies and turn the get together into a cheerful celebration with your favorite beer... Why keep it bottled up when you can open it up and share, simply put the opener onto the bottle and press the top to pop open the bottle...! Let the good time flowing with this bottle opener and collector... What is more, the metal cap of the bottle sticks to the built-in magnet and collects them to dispose of safely and for fun games or craft projects...

You get not one but two bottle openers so no more waiting.  Say cheers to Tailgate Buddy...!! 


  • It measures 5 inches Tall and comes in 2/pack.
  • Made from high-quality Stainless Steel material with a magnet on the inside. 
  • This is an automatic bar tool and does not require any batteries or charging.
  • A simple and space-saving beer bottle opener that will last for years to come.
  • Get more, great for gift giving to your buddies.
Talk Talk Talk HandsFree Bluetooth Multipoint Car SpeakerPhone Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 89.95

Talk Talk Talk.. Handsfree 

Multipoint Bluetooth Speakerphone.


Now you can connect 2 cellphone automatically each time you get in the car and you can take that important call  without taking your eyes off of the road! 


Other features include the Auto shutoff and auto voice modulation. It also has a long lasting rechargeable battery.


Get Talk Talk Talk and have a peace of mind while you be careful!

**Please note: Talking is not advised or encouraged while driving**


  • Multipoint connect you can pair up to 2 phones to use same speakerphone.
  • Also includes Voice Dialing, Last number dial & Mute. 
  • Each Charge lasts for 8 hrs of talk time and it can give you 45 days of Standby time.
  • Auto shut off  when away more than 1 hour.
  • Call Transfer back to phone if exiting the car.
  • Quick and full charge in 3 hrs.
  • Charging Cable and Car Adapter included.
  • Car charging adapter can also be used incharging your Smartphone via USB port.
  • View Finder Clip that can be easily attached or removed.
  • Fully Compatiable with Apple ,Samsung , HTC ,Sony , LG phones.
Teamwork 2 In 1 Wireless Phone And Apple Watch Charger Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 91.99

This 2 In 1 charger is so so useful, it commands a place on your nightstand.

Now you do not need to carry two separate chargers, instead just carry one and charge two devices. Compact modern design with a soft surface to rest any of your wireless phones, and Apple Watch for charging. This multifunctional wireless charger is created with a wireless charging pad to charge your phone and a pop-up dock to charge your Apple watch. It charges your phone from 0 to 100% in 2 hours or less, even charges your Airpods or any other wireless devices with Qi Standard. Fold it when not in use and it's compact enough and portable to travel with you anywhere you take it.

Aptly called the Teamwork, as it enables you to charge both of your Apple devices: your Phone and your Apple watch simultaneously and works as a team to keep your devices fully functional and powered up. 


  • The charging pad has a soft velvety finish.
  • Fast Charging coils inside charge your phone 100% in under 2 hours.
  • Slide out the Apple watch charger for a quick charge.
  • The whole charger plugs into a USB port in the wall or your computer.
  • The charging Pad is 4-inch square.
  • Compact Design easy to carry.
  • Select from Black and White. 


Telephoto PRO Clear Image Lens Zooms 8 times closer! For all Smart Phones & Tablets with Camera Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 59.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 59.95

Get Clear Image 8 times closer with this Telephoto PRO Lens and make your pictures stand out like a PRO!!! Get the clarity and details by zooming in.

The lens is an adjustable zoom lens that clips on any Phone or Tablet with camera. This is ideal for photography in sports arena and for outdoors as well to capture nature!

It has a universal clip that slips on to any device on top of your case, no need to even remove the case. Once done you can quickly remove it. 

No batteries required, no APP needed to run it.



  • Telephoto PRO lens that has zoom you can select and focus you can adjust.
  • Clip included with the lens and is removable for storage.
  • Compatible will any APPLE, Samsung, HTC, SONY & NOKIA Smartphones and Tablets. 


Great for gift giving.

The Beautiful Traveler Makeup Brush Set in a compact Travel case Vista Shops
$ 30.95

The Beautiful Traveler Makeup Brush Set in a compact Travel case is for you who cannot travel without your makeup and make-up brushes.  


The Beautiful Traveler Makeup Brush Set is enough to make a Make-up artist out of you. You know how important it is for you to have the right makeup tools handy when it comes to your face. It not only saves time but makes you look and feel more beautiful too.


Become The Beautiful Traveler. Make all the difference in the world and let it shows on your face.



  • 5 pc Cosmetic Makeup brush set with matching travel case include: A Foundation Brush, Powder or Blush Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush and a Lip Brush.
  • High quality nylon bristles for fabulous results and easy cleanup.
  • It comes in 3 colors: Rosy Pink, Minty Fresh and Basic Black.
The First Couple Commemorative Coin With Donald And Melania Trump Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 45.95

The coin collector's delight...

Here is a commemorative Golden coin that honors the 45th President of U.S. and the First Lady Melania Trump with the Golden monument of Lady Liberty, the Trump signature and the Trump House in the backdrop on one side of the coin and the signature phrase" Make America Great Again" on the other side of the coin...

Get The First Couple coin and proudly show off your collection to your friends and family!


  • It is made of Alloy Iron, processed with electroplating.
  • It is 40mm in diameter and 3mm in diameter in size.
  • They come in Golden and Silver color.
The Healing Herbs Mill for a Healthy Start in your Kitchen Vista Shops
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 50.99

The aromatic herbs make all the difference in the world when it comes to not only the flavors and but also for the healing our overall health. Having THE HEALING HERBS MILL handy today is making a smart and healthy choice for yourself.

The Healing Herbs Mill makes mincing fresh herbs a breeze, as it easily grinds herbs without bruising them. Grind Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Ginger, Dill, Mint, Oregano, Sage, Garlic, Olives, Capers, Cumin and more.  Just open the Mill to add fresh herbs of your choice in its chamber and twist over your favorite dish and savor right away.

 Some flavorful Healing Herbs Mill suggestions:

  • Grind Ginger and Mint into Green tea for flavor and digestion.
  • Grind the Rosemary and Thyme to add woody spice to your grilled dishes.
  • Grind some Oregano and Cumin to sauces and soups to sooth cough.
  • Grind Basil to sooth stomach.
  • Grind Garlic to improve cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. 
  • Grind Capers and Olives to add to salads for delicious flavor.
  • Grind Parsley and Cilantro to flavor and decorate gravy.
  • Chop leafy herbs and dry them to store for later use.


  • Made from food grade plastic and Stainless steel blades.
  • Hundreds of tiny blades that cross cut the herbs.
  • Blades never need sharpening.
  • For dry or green herbs.
  • Dishwasher safe upper rack.


The KINGPIN Desktop Mini Bowling Alley Vista Shops
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 68.95
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $ 68.95

This desktop game of Bowling is right up your alley .. Bring home the fun of your own Bowling Alley.. Relax, it's a mini version.. no need to break the bank for the KINGPIN..! 

Beat the stress in the middle of the work day by Bowling right at your table with this real looking miniature Bowling alley..! Knock the pins down and score!! It is made of natural wood so it goes beautifully with your work table and decor as well ! Have a playful vibe going during lunch breaks with colleagues..have fun and games right at the lunch table, strike pins after pins and cheer for each other !!

Incase of emergency, Keep Calm and Start Bowling! Let the pins fall where they may..!! So much fun!



  • Mini set of Bowling Alley, beautifully designed and made from Natural wood ( Wood color may vary from piece to piece).
  • Alley measures:12 inches Long 4 inches Wide and 1/2 inches Tall.
  • Includes White metal bowling pins, measure:1.25" Tall.
  • One metal bowling ball, measures: 0.5".
  • The Metal ramp moves to allow a perfect strike !


*****Beware of the choking hazard, keep away from kids under 3 years due to mini parts.*****




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